Jimmy Buffett Brigde still passable in Pascagoula after Nate

Bridge named after Jimmy Buffett took a hit during Nate but didn’t waste away after all

City crews have been working after Hurricane Nate made landfall in South Mississippi overnight Saturday, bringing storm surge and damage to Jackson County.

Contractors said they have put back in place the New Jersey barriers that make up the south side of Buffett Bridge. The bridge, named after singer Jimmy Buffett, took a hit as Nate rolled through.

It is open to traffic Monday.

The highway-dividing barriers are a little askew, but they work just fine.

The base or cement bed of the bridge is in good shape, not believed to be damaged.

A local fisherman said it looks pretty much like it did before the storm.

Hurricane Nate’s surge picked up the heavy cement barriers that make up the south side of the bridge and scattered them across Beach Boulevard.

Officials are assessing other areas in Jackson County that were damaged by Nate’s storm surge.