5 Little Known Facts About Jimmy Buffett



On Friday, October 6th, 2006 French authorities reportedly seized more than 100 tabs of club drug “ecstasy” from Jimmy Buffett’s luggage.

The Grammy-winning singer got into trouble when he flew into Toulon-Hyères International Airport in the South of France on a rented private jet and customs officials started poking around in his suitcases. According to local press reports, they uncovered more than 100 tablets of the mind-bending substance.

Buffett, who was on his way to chill out in the ritzy resort town of St. Tropez, was detained, but not arrested, and allowed to go free after paying a fine of 300 euros – about $380. That prompted one loca

l newspaper editorial to term the slap-on-the-wrist punishment “a small amount for a man who makes $70 million a year.”

Buffett claims that the authorities misidentified a bottle of Foltx (a vitamin B supplement) as Ecstasy, and that Buffett “couldn’t tell you the difference between a hit of Ecstasy and Excedrin PM.”

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