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A Woman Attacked Her Husband Because He Wouldn’t Buy Her A Margaritaville Hat!
Sep 16, 2014 - 3:41 AM - by Ryan C.
A Woman Attacked Her Husband Because He Wouldn’t Buy Her A Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Hat

This 33-year-old woman named Sommer Trent whose mother apparently didn’t know how to spell the word “summer” was in Nashville with her husband this weekend for the Tennessee Titans game, when a fight between the two broke out outside of Nashville’s Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurant and store. Trent allegedly attacked her husband when he refused to buy her a hat. From The Tennessean:

Sommer Trent, 33, was booked into the Metro jail on assault charges early Sunday morning. According to her arrest warrant, the two were on Broadway outside of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville when the fight erupted.

She allegedly cursed, threw her husband’s cowboy hat into the street and grabbed him by the throat. Four people witnessed the fight.
Lady to lady, I totally understand. Us women are capable of some pretty irrational sh*t when it comes to our accessories. Since I’m guessing Sommer did not end up getting her Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville hat, I’ve taken it upon myself to make her the next best thing, with this hat I found on the Margaritaville online store.

Now it’s just like she got her hat! She still spent the night in jail I guess, but hey! Hat!
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Matt Hoggatt releases new album “Workaholic In Recovery”
Aug 20, 2014 - 3:53 AM - by Ryan C.
Unless you have been living under a rock the past year you know who Matt Hoggatt is. In 2012, Matt Hoggatt was working as a police detective in South Mississippi and moonlighting as a singer-songwriter. Everything changed one day when he was discovered by Jimmy Buffett and launched into the career of a traveling musician. Army soldier, police detective and bourbon street performer are just a few of the job titles on Matt Hoggatt’s resume. Among them is a list accolades as varied as his choice of former professions, including national songwriting awards, viral YouTube videos, and being the subject of a Jimmy Buffett song. Signed to Jimmy Buffett’s record label, Mailboat Records, Matt’s version of storytelling music combines Americana-country, comedy and trop-rock-folk in a place where three chords and the truth prevail.

Matt Hoggatt & Jimmy Buffett - Dear Jimmy Buffett 5/3/2012 - YouTube

The simple truth in Matt Hoggatt's music comes from his background as a soldier, police officer and barstool performer. Since being introduced to the national stage in 2012 by Jimmy Buffett, Matt has been sharing his blend of Americana storytelling with the world the old fashioned way; one man, in one van, one guitar.

Recorded in Memphis, Tennessee and produced by legendary songwriter Keith Sykes, "Workaholic In Recovery" is Matt's first full band studio release to date. The 12 song musical journey takes you on a tour of sandy beaches, battlefields and the Oval Office on a sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic but always-‐memorable trop-‐rock, Americana, folk-‐country adventure.

The album ends in true pirate fashion with the "Ballad of Buck Reilly," a song that features Coral Reefer band members, Nadirah Shakoor and Tina Gullickson based on the main character from the popular novel series by book author John H. Cunningham.

The album, which will be available on September 1st, is currently available for download on iTunes, but the Title track is available for immediate download. Lending a hand as guest performers on the album are longtime Buffett band members Mac McAnally, Doyle Grisham, Nadirah Shakoor and Tina Gullickson.

Download his new ablum now at Itunes -
... [Read More]
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Jimmy Buffett
Aug 16, 2014 - 9:48 AM - by Ryan C.
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and challenges Don Johnson, Kelly Slater and Betsy Whidden in response.

Jimmy Buffett Ice Bucket Challenge - YouTube

Click Here if the above video is not working Try This:
Buffett Ice Bucket Challenge

Be sure to watch all of Jimmy's Videos here: http://www.margaritaville.tv/jimmys-stuff

Watch Savannah Buffett Below
Savannah J Buffett accepts the Als Ice Bucket Challenge and Nominates Jimmy Buffett! - YouTube

The 'Ice Bucket Challenge' is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on one's head, generally in conjunction with donating to the ALS Association in the United States. It went viral throughout social media, where the challenge was to either dump a bucket of ice water on one's head or to donate to a charity of the participant's choice.[1][2]

The challenge required... [Read More]
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Watch Zac Brown Band's World Premiere of "All Alright"
Jul 23, 2014 - 9:07 AM - by Ryan C.
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A Magical Meal at Louie’s Backyard in the Conch Republic
Jul 20, 2014 - 2:54 AM - by Ryan C.
By Jane & Michael Stern

Jimmy Buffett was an early fan of Louie’s Backyard, the enchanting restaurant on the Key West shore that embraces Conch cuisine, serving up surprising and delightful fare daily.

A table on the three-tiered deck of Louie's Backyard is an enchanting place to dine, especially in the evening. Perched on the waterline over the Atlantic Ocean in Key West, Florida, diners look out over a fathomless horizon where the clouds and waves weave together in cobalt blue striations. Hurricane lamps on the tables flicker in the calm island breeze. Bulbs strung among branches in the overhead wild hibiscus tree form a radiant canopy. Waves lap the shore like a soft rhythm guitar that sets the tune for laughter and chatter at the restaurant’s outdoor Afterdeck bar. There isn't a dreamier place to dine anywhere in America.

And, if such a thing is possible, the meal matches: beautiful, sexy, pleasure-giving food made from ripe fruits fresh off the tree and fish only just caught in ocean waters and prepared with an enchanted mix of seasonings that could only come together in the never-never land that is Key West.

Louie's Backyard is one of many good places to eat in town, but for us it is the Key West restaurant. For one thing, it has been around a long time, and its roots grow deep in the traditions of local life. When it opened in 1970, an unknown Jimmy Buffett lived in the house next door and palled around with waiter Phil Tenney, who is now Louie's owner. Buffett's cat Radar hung out with the bartender's dog, Ten Speed, and it is said that the two of them regularly bellied up to the bar in the afternoon for broad champagne glasses filled with Kahlua and cream.

Michael Stern

Aside from its Buffett connection and the parade of other Key West-related celebrities who have stopped in for a meal, Louie's demands the attention of any eater interested in discovering the unique style of cooking (and eating and serving) known as Conch cuisine.

Natives of Key West call themselves Conchs (pronounced konks), after the hard-shelled, spiral shellfish that is found in nearby waters. While the term used to be derisive (like redneck), it has taken on a distinct air of pride in the last several decades as the key that now calls itself The Conch Republic has defined its own cultural identity. Part of that identity is a sense of the island's unique fare. The Conch kitchen is in some measure the progeny of nearby Cuba, of the Caribbean (both culturally and piscatorially), of Dixieland, and the Cordon Bleu, but it has evolved a style all its own.

Michael Stern

The meat of the conch itself is an essential provision at Louie's Back Yard (visitors must try conch fritters and conch chowder, not to mention raw conch salad), and so are spearfished grouper, Florida pink shrimp, and dooryard fruit that include Key limes, calamondins (little, bright-flavored tangerines), and sour oranges. Several varieties of banana grow here, and mango season on the island is huge. Put these ingredients together with a freewheeling kitchen spirit and the hands-on culinary education of Louie's chef, Doug Shook, and you have an inevitably spectacular meal.

It is hard to recommend exactly what to order because Louie's food changes daily. There are a handful of things you can count on when you peruse the menu, such as Key West pink shrimp, Bahamian conch chowder with bird pepper hot sauce, and, of course, Key lime pie for dessert. Beyond such classics, the daily repertoire reflects not only the catch of the day and what is seasonal, but also Chef Shook's restless creativity. Even when a night's special is well liked by customers, it may not return to the menu for many months, and it may be reinvented with a different sauce or an altered presentation.

One afternoon at 5:30 p.m., we sit in the dining room as Doug briefs... [Read More]
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Jimmy Buffett Talks About Going To Space
Jul 07, 2014 - 8:46 AM - by Ryan C.
Sometimes, dreams really do come true.

Some 40 years ago, while singing about unpopular poets and stealing peanut butter, Jimmy Buffett, in his Key West phase, spent his free nights in a beat-up Chevy Pickup watching old movies at the waterfront Islander Drive-In.

Occasionally, Buffett would find a date, pick up some cheap gin, commit a little “mortal sin,” as one song goes, and dream he’d own a drive-in one day.

And finally, he does.

Well, along with several dozen Margaritaville restaurants, bars and casinos; a record label; best-selling books; a clothing and footwear line; a radio station; a burgeoning on-line TV network and, for all intents and purposes, the entire island-escapist lifestyle.

It was the drive-in he dreamed about first, though, and it’s partly why he will play the Coyote Drive-In in Fort Worth on Thursday, two days ahead of his typical North Texas stadium-size show at Frisco. Buffett is an investor in the Fort Worth drive-in, which opened in 2013.

“I’ve always had a nostalgia for [drive-ins],” said Buffett, whose 1973 song “Grapefruit, Juicyfruit,” is a paean to those days. “We went a lot as a family when I was a kid. We went a lot during my teenage years when I played briefly in a really bad surf band. And I always wanted to own the Islander. I just thought it would be really cool.

“But you’ve got to have a hell of a lot more land than if you wanted to open a Dairy Queen.”

For years, the drive-in idea didn’t make business sense and it sat like an old 45, gathering dust. Technology, though, has a way of making everything old new again. Buffett toyed with the idea of playing a drive-in about 10 years ago and beaming it across the country to reach, as he said, “secondary markets,” but the technology wasn’t quite there yet.

Now, with his own high-tech production truck geared towards his new Margaritaville.TV project, he can better guarantee quality control. And when Coyote Drive-in operators Brandt and Brady Wood, whom Buffett has known since they were children, came along with the idea for a high-tech digital drive-in, Buffett’s old dream and new technology married up. The show will be broadcast live to about 90 digital drive-ins around the country.

“I have no idea how this will play out,” Buffett said of the drive-in concert idea. “But I wanted in. I wanted to be part of it. I have people in my own organization wondering what the hell I’m doing.”

His show in Fort Worth will feel a lot like the 1970s, with a glorified flat-bed truck kind of setup, but don’t expect a set list straight from that decade. To reach and hook those fans in secondary markets means giving them “the Big 10,” songs that people most associate him with, from “Margaritaville” to “Cheeseburger in Paradise” and “Fins.”

“If we don't, we'll get killed,” Buffett said.

He plans to end the Fort Worth show with a screening of Rancho Deluxe, the 1975 Western comedy for which he wrote the musical score and performed “Livingston Saturday Night.”

The longer Frisco show will give Buffett an opportunity for a more wide-ranging set.

At 67, he’s slowing his tour stops some and eschewing sugary margaritas for sips of tequila, but he has no desire to stop. (So don’t expect this beach bum to ride away, a la George Strait, anytime soon.) Besides the drive-in idea and internet TV, Buffett wants to explore the Latin market more, as he started to in a collaboration with Colombian singer Fanny Lu on last year's Songs From St. Somewhere album.

And there is another dream to realize.

“The wanderer in me still wants to go place I haven’t been,” Buffett said. “And I haven’t been to space. I want to leave this planet. I’m a pilot.

“John Glenn did it at 72, so I figure I’ve got five more years left.”

He can dream. In Buffett’s case, most of his dreams do end up coming true.
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Taste of Paradise now at your local Giant!
Jul 01, 2014 - 9:01 AM - by Ryan C.
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Jimmy Buffett's restaurant in Waikiki to close
Jul 01, 2014 - 8:57 AM - by Ryan C.
Jimmy Buffett’s Restaurant & Bar at the Beachcomber will be closing and terminating its lease at the Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort on Aug. 31.

The restaurant opened in 2009. It is part of Margaritaville’s restaurant group, which has 21 locations in the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean, according to its website.

Calls seeking comment from Jimmy Buffett’s restaurant were not immediately answered.

Nancy Daniels, director of publication relations for Outrigger Enterprises Group, which manages the Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort, said Outrigger is “looking for another high-quality restaurant to go in there, and we have begun exploration of other leading restaurant options.
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Coral Reefers? Jimmy Buffett to sell e-cigarettes in Florida?
Jun 30, 2014 - 1:27 PM - by Ryan C.

Is Jimmy Buffett — the Jimmy Buffett — getting ready to start selling electronic cigarettes in Florida? Or, with a bigger question mark, marijuana products?

By Abraham Aboraya and Anjali Fluker Orlando Business Journal

Notice the question marks: Mr. Margaritaville didn’t return my call, and neither did the attorneys on this, so this is all unconfirmed right now.

But according to a trademark filed in January of this year, Margaritaville Enterprises LLC wants to trademark the term Coral Reefer.

According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office application, the trademark would be used to sell goods and services related to electronic cigarettes:

Electronic cigarettes; cigarettes; cigars; tobacco; herbs for smoking; cigarette holders; cigarette lighters; ashtrays, humidors, cigar cutters, hookahs, matches, cigar and cigarette boxes, cigarette papers, cigarette rolling machines, pocket apparatus for rolling cigarettes, smoking urns, tobacco substitute, tobacco tins; tobacco pouches; electronic cigarette refill cartridges sold empty; smoking pipes, smoking pipe cleaners, smoking pipe racks; smokeless cigar and cigarette vaporizers; tobacco grinders

And what does any of this have to do with Orlando? Here’s your smoking gun — bad pun intended: Margaritaville Enterprises LLC is owned by Margaritaville Holdings LLC, which has Jimmy Buffett listed as the principal. This is the company, with John Cohlan as CEO, that's responsible for the Margaritaville empire: restaurants, food, hotels, tequila, etc. While its principal address is in West Palm Beach, the company has its mailing address right here in Orlando — at the Loews Hotel at Universal Orlando.

According to real estate sources, Margaritaville Holdings has 60,000 square feet of space at CrownPointe Commerce Park in southwest Orlando, and has held the space since 2007.

Of course, you maybe noticed the big red flag in all that: the word Reefer, as in Coral Reefer, the term Margaritaville Enterprises LLC wants to trademark. And I’m not the one pointing out the term.

According to a letter the patent and trademark office sent to Margaritaville Holdings in April, Reefer can also mean marijuana or marijuana cigarette. And marijuana — despite what Colorado and Seattle will tell you — is still federally illegal.

So now the federal government wants an answer, in writing, on the following two questions:
“Do applicant’s identified goods include or contain marijuana, marijuana-based preparations, marijuana extracts or derivatives, or any other illegal controlled substance?”

“Do applicant’s identified goods include or consist of any equipment, product, or material of any kind which is primarily intended or designed for use in manufacturing, compounding, converting, concealing, producing, processing, preparing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise introducing into the human body a controlled substance?”
The legal writing on the wall seems pretty clear: “Registration of the applied-for mark may be refused on the ground that the mark, as used in connection with the identified goods and/or services, is not in lawful use in commerce.” In short, if this is for marijuana products, you won't get a trademark.

The federal government sent the letter in April, and the attorneys have to respond in six months or lose the application. So I’ll be keeping an eye out, and I’ll update the website if we get a response back from any of the attorneys.
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